@pingwjnki! any pronouns, twenty
🤍 naruto, coffee, cinematography, psychology, video games, art
🎧 skz, svt, dpr, xdinary heroes, txt yeonjun&taehyun, bts taehyung, enha jay&jungwon, loona jinsoul&kimlip, soojin
byf i tweet in polish and english (mainly about skz), sb to unf, i like interacting with mutuals, i joke a lot, don't take me seriously, i don't support any problematic things my favs have done
dfi -16/+25, basic criteria, use fancy fonts, stan kim woojin, shin jimin, seungri, don't stan any of my favs, tweet only about genshin, invalidate neopronouns, put tw/cw food, spam fancams & rt a lot, won't interact, engage in fanwar